The COVID 19 situation is not preventing us from giving grants, but please use the on-line application form, rather than the post.

If you are looking for help from us you need a sponsor to fill in the application form- the CAB, housing society, Children and Family Centre, NHS Centre, a social or family worker or another charity helping the disabled or homeless can all do this and maybe provide you with extra advice or help

Cambridge Aid (Formerly Cambridge Central Aid Society) dates back to 1880: its purpose is the relief of poverty amongst Cambridge residents and those within 15 miles of Cambridge.

A Brief Overview (more on other pages)

We offer financial help to individuals and families in need, whilst the referring organisation may be dealing with the underlying causes of distress. The grants give comfort, provide basic essential needs and help to maintain dignity.

Cambridge Aid seeks donations from various local organisations, trusts, charities and individuals. The funds are administered by voluntary Trustees who meet fortnightly to consider applications for support which are submitted on behalf of individuals or families. We are recognised as offering a rapid and flexible response with minimal overhead costs.

You can view our Annual Reports and Accounts via this Charity Commission link.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee please check out this link