Please read through the following checklist BEFORE submitting an application:

  • £150 is our average grant size, with £200 as the normal maximum. We may go higher for those sponsored by a mental health specialist.
  • One grant per 12 month period unless there has been a significant change in the applicant’s circumstances (for example, moved home, separated, lost job, a major illness, a new baby born into very financially challenged home)
  • Have you tried the Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme (CLAS), especially for a cooker which they may pay to install?
  • We do not help with rent, deposits, mortgage payments, catalogue or credit card debts, loans, fines or court costs
  • In the General Background box please mention if bereavement, separation, domestic violence/abuse, physical or mental infirmity are relevant. If the applicant is not in work, please indicate why
  • If the client is moving please tell us when and whether the address you give is the current or future one
  • Please be clear where you want a cheque or store card delivered to (normally to you at the organisation address, not the client unless specifically agreed by us and the applicant has a secure letterbox)


Other Charities to consider that may be able to help:


See Online Application Form Here.

"I want to say a huge big thank you to Cambridge Aid for all the funds you have given the families and individuals throughout the year.

It has made such a difference to many families - not just for the essentials, and I can’t tell you how often people have been in tears as the gesture is so poignant for them. The money will definitely make such a difference to the families this year."

- Financial Inclusion Officer

Cambridge City Council

"Our recipient is very grateful for the help received, she can now start a new life in a new home. She is so happy to have doors again and a safe, clean home.
Thank you.

- Maria

The Red Hen Project

"Cambridge Aid are doing remarkable life-saving work at this extremely difficult time, when there is much hardship & anxiety."

- Margaret

Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge

"We are so grateful to Cambridge Aid for their support. In providing funding for Debt Relief Orders, they enable us to give our clients a new start; to be able to live again, free from the fear (and often shame) of unmanageable debt."

- Fiona
Centre Manager

Cambridge Money Advice Centre

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For sponsors, please contact us if you have any questions using the form below.

If you are looking to get help from us, you need a sponsor to fill in the application form.
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