Please read through the following checklist BEFORE submitting an application:

  • £150 is our usual maximum grant, in exceptional cases, we may go slightly higher.
  • One grant per 12 month period unless there has been a significant change in the applicant’s
    circumstances (for example: moved home, separated, lost job, a major illness, a new baby born into very financially challenged home)
  • Have you tried the Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme (CLAS), especially for a cooker or fridge/freezer
  • We do not help with rent, deposits, mortgage payments, catalogue or credit card debts, loans, fines or court costs
  • In the General Background box please mention if bereavement, separation, domestic violence/abuse, physical or mental infirmity are relevant. If the applicant is not in work, please indicate why
  • If the client is moving please tell us when and whether the address you give is the current or future one
  • Please be clear where you want a cheque or store card delivered to (normally to you at the organisation address, not the client unless specifically agreed by us and the applicant has a secure letterbox).

Other Charities to consider that may be able to help:

  • . Besom – kitchen packs, bedding packs, curtains, furniture, children’s clothes, free of charge
    Besom Cambridge 01223 246438
    Besom Histon&Impington 07591 194880
  • Little Bundles – baby equipment and clothing (up to age three), free of charge

Thank you, the online application form can be found here